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Our strategy


We strive to be the go-to investor in sports, media and entertainment


Our vision is to change the way sports and media are consumed, experienced and participated in, by backing passionate companies

Investment strategy

Industry Focus

APEX is targeting innovative and disruptive concepts in Sports, Media and Entertainment. From health related companies driven by technology, to companies with a high sense of social and environmental responsibility. Creating our own foot-print and positive impact for the future community.

Connected Capital

The power of our community increases the chances of successful investing. When we and our athletes join forces, the collective network, experience, and expertise turn capital into connected capital.

Sweet Spot

We are looking for companies that have a strong and balanced team, compelling product, generating revenue, who can clearly show the market opportunity and who have a credible investor validation. Companies that are on a mission to disrupt how things are done.




“High profile athletes being vocal about Web3 and Metaverse is very powerful. APEX has the ability to accelerate business development through top tier athletes, who can carve the path to the Metaverse and drag along their community. That is super valuable for companies like Exclusible.”

Thibault Launnay

Founder of Exclusible

“APEX is a team of impressive investors in the Sports, Media and Entertainment World. Their reach and industry insight have connected Spalk with various strategic media partners in Europe. Their vision immediately matched Spalk’s ambitions. Plus, on a personal level it was nice having two on the greatest KIWI racing drivers of all time investing in Spalk through APEX.”

Ben Reynolds

CEO of Spalk

“Having APEX and elite athletes in our cap-table is the definition of smart money and a perfect fit for Real Fevr. Sharing industry insight, opening doors, and exposure to thousands of potential web3 consumers.”

Fred Antunes

CEO of Real Fevr


The foundations of APEX intersect where professional athletes meet the opportunity to become strategic investors. APEX has a Sports DNA as two of the founders are Mitch Evans and António Félix da Costa, recognised professional race car drivers currently competing in the Formula E World Championship. APEX has been carving the Athlete Entrepreneur Movement since February 2021, and since then, together with elite athletes we have backed more than 10 companies around the world. APEX has no geographic limitations when it comes to investing and partnering with athletes across multiple sports on a global scale. Exciting times ahead for everyone involved in the APEX ecosystem.


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