Athlete quotes

“As an athlete, I’m always focused on performing at my absolute best, so it’s going to be exciting to apply this perspective when I’m working alongside APEX to drive innovation in the sports, media and entertainment space”

Lando Norris

F1 Driver

"The chance to strategically invest in Alpine was an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. The heritage of the team, mixed with the global growth of Formula 1 as a sport and brand made this a very serious proposition. I am excited to start this journey with APEX and a great group of fellow investors and hope to help the team achieve its full potential"

Anthony Joshua

World Champion Boxer

”I have been investing in startups for some time now. Gaining access to the right opportunities is paramount. By joining APEX I will not only be able to access the right opportunities, on top of that I can share my investment experiences with other athletes and learn from theirs. A powerful and exciting combination"

Raphael Varane

Manchester United

"By investing with APEX, I'm embracing the opportunity to directly contribute to the growth of the sports industry at a global level. It's about using our position as athletes to invest in the future of our industry, and I'm confident I'll be able to channel a lot of strategic value through APEX."

Marcelo Vieira

Fluminense FC

“By partnering with APEX, I can invest and collaborate with companies that have the potential to shape the future of sports. I believe that through my experiences as a professional athlete, I have the ability to add unique insights as an investor”

Kanoa Igarashi

World Surf League & Olympic Medalist

"Being deeply involved in sports has given me a unique perspective on its landscape. With APEX's guidance, I'm tapping into that insight to discover exciting investment opportunities. It's not just about capital for me; it's about strategically positioning myself as a genuine contributor in the sports investment world"

Carlos Sainz

F1 Driver

"I’m excited to be joining APEX’s group as an investor into Alpine F1 team alongside my brother Tyler. Having been to Formula 1 races as a fan, I love the high-pressure environment of the paddock and I’ve seen firsthand how incredibly impressive the Alpine team is. Our shared goal as an investment group is to help contribute to its continued success on the grid, at a time when F1 is facing incredible growth as a sport. As a footballer, I understand the importance of teamwork, innovation and determination in achieving goals"

Trent Alexander-Arnold

Liverpool FC

"Athletes have always been in a position to help accelerate growth for companies impacting the sport's world. We were just missing the right platform [APEX] to bring together a community of like minded entrepreneurial athletes"

Jan Vertonghen

Belgium National Football Team

"As a professional athlete, I am always concerned about the future of sports. Alongside APEX I know I can play a role in this. In particular, being a Portuguese athlete competing to become world champion, it is great to see APEX, a Portuguese company, on their way to become the go-to investor in sports, globally"

Miguel Oliveira

Motogp Rider

"I have known the APEX team for many years and have total trust in them. More importantly, as an athlete in one of the biggest sports in the world, I am a big believer in their mission and very proud to play my part in it. It is important for us athletes to invest and have skin in the game in the future of our industry"

João Mário

SL Benfica

"In Formula One, I've learned the value of risk and innovation, principles I now apply to investments through APEX. It's about using our learnings as athletes as a competitive edge to drive forward-thinking projects, demonstrating that our skills extend beyond performance"

Valtteri Bottas

F1 Driver

"The world of investing is new to me. You hear and read a lot about the subject, but to actually invest can be tough. Through APEX, I'll take my first steps as an active investor, and it's a great place to start because I'll be investing in sports, an industry I can understand and add value to"

Ferdi Kadıoğlu


"Very happy to join forces with APEX in this investment in Alpine F1, which is a special opportunity for me. I believe in the growth of the sport and I'm confident that Alpine is the right team to partner with. Their history as a team combined with the commercial and industry expertise of APEX make the great combination"

Juan Mata

Ex Chelsea FC , Manchester United & Spain National Team