Connecting Professional Athletes with Exclusive Opportunities


APEX Capital is born deep inside the world of sports and created to give it’s biggest stars a platform to connect to exclusive investment opportunities.

Our vision is to grant high profile athletes access to off market investments, understanding their lack of time and infrastructure to do so themselves. We directly connect our clients to the deals, making the investments accessible and understandable. Through APEX our clients invest in what they understand.

"Following High Performance Athletes closely for the past years, made me realize that access to good investment opportunities is an existing problem. Our vision is to use our Financial Expertise and Resources at Apex to help these Athletes become investors themselves."

Antonio Caçorino,
CEO & Founding Partner

"As our careers mature, there is some lack of visibility towards the next stages in our lives. The structure behind Apex has led me to some great opportunities that most importantly will keep me fully engaged in the future. I believe it can extend athletes to a post-sports after life."

Antonio Félix da Costa,
Founding Partner

The APEX EcoSystem


We have developed strategic partnerships across multiple asset classes. Through their expertise and experience, these partners assure a continuous deal flow into the APEX ecosystem, bringing vetted and tailored opportunities for our clients.


Our clients are spread out across the global sports spectrum, ranging from world class athletes in Motorsports and Football to Golf and Tennis, both inactive and active athletes.


Investment Management

We are fully engaged in the management of all investments our clients make through APEX. We act as an extension of our clients, guaranteeing the reporting, monitoring and management process throughout the entire lifetime of the investment.

The APEX Ecosystem allows us to benefit from a global network connecting the world of sports with the investment universe. From this privileged position, APEX can be in the centre of an unlimited number of potential synergies and partnerships.

Who’s APEX Capital?

Combination of entrepreneurial identities created to bring together the world of sports with investment opportunities.

Almost 10 years of experience in the financial industry based in London. Investment specialist in most asset classes across Europe.

Antonio Cacorino

CEO & Founding Partner

Currently competing in FIA Formula E World Championship

FIA Formula E World Champion (2020)

2nd Place finisher at 24Hours of Le Mans (2020)

António Félix da Costa

Founding Partner

Current FIA Formula E Driver and Race Winner

GP3 Series Champion (2012)

2nd Place 24 Hours of Le Mans (2015)

Mitch Evans

Founding Partner

Experienced Entrepreneur in both Real Estate and Consumer Industries.

Deeply involved in Motorsport.

Pedro Félix da Costa

Founding & Managing Partner

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